Fall / Winter 2019 currently filming and premiering:

AFTER FOREVER season 2 premiere December 2019

Dancing in music video for Raia Was

Filming 4 shorts: 'Willa' based on the Stephen King story, 'Isla Vista', 'Let Them Eat Cake', and 'Lucy'

After Forever

Carrie joined season two of Emmy winning  'After Forever' as Carla. 


In the Spring of 2019 Carrie is thrilled to be joining the principal cast of this Harriet The Spy remake as Marion Hawthorne.


Carrie plays aspiring ballerina Juliet Perrot in 'Shadows'.  Filmed in Pennsylvania.

'What Shall We Do'

Carrie will be performing in a reading of Kim Barke's new play 'What Shall We Do' at La MaMa studio theatres.  

Shooting 'A Hero Emerges'

Had the best time on set for this wildly adventurous short.

DOT the film

Had a blast playing Samantha, an AI character in Dreams of Tomorrow


by David Archuleta

Carrie is a featured dancer in pop star David Archuleta's most recent music video 'Paralyzed'

Carrie Keating , Paralyzed , David Archuleta, Paralyzed David Archuleta, dancer

MEMORIAM in theaters

Carrie can be seen playing Samantha Kemper in numerous film festivals this Spring and Summer.  Most recently it played at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn, NY as a part of the Katra Film Festival.

New York Bagels

Check out the New York Bagel 2019 calendar to see Carrie warming up for dance class with a fresh bagel in hand.