Hi! Thanks for checking out my page!  Here’s a little background on me:

     I grew up on Long Island and was very lucky to have family members who encouraged my artistic interests.  My grandparents often took me to the ballet, and that is how I first fell in love with theatre!  Apparently I continuously snuck into the aisles to dance my own Swan Lake.  My grandma claims it was cute, but it was most likely just mortifying.  

     From there my focus was on dance and musical theatre.  I began dancing with the Eglevsky Ballet as an apprentice.  Then I started commuting every day from Long Island to attend The School at Steps on Broadway where I had the privilege of studying with incredible lifelong teachers and friends.  I also studied under Chet Walker, Andy Blankenbuehler, and Shannon Lewis at Jacob’s Pillow and received the Professional Advancement in Dance Award from the school.

     I began acting seriously in college which I attended for Business Arts Administration and Theatre. Sketch and improv came into my life in college as well, and I was a proud member of the sketch comedy group ‘Damsels in Excess’.  My favorite class outside of my major was a neuroscience class.  I also spent a semester in Arezzo, Italy at the Academia dell' Arte for Physical Theater and a BFA in pasta and wine.  Since graduating, I have studied in NY with Larry Singer (Larry Singer Studios), Seth Barrish, Lee Brock, and Stephen Signer (The Barrow Group’s Professional Program).  

     As a professional actor and dancer I am grateful to have performed in TV, films, theatre, musical theatre, immersive/developmental theatre, music videos, dance concerts, and even clowning and circus shows!   Outside of acting I enjoy playing/ learning to play ;) the ukulele, banjo, piano, and cello.  I hope to one day be mostly comprised of the honey chicken and pickles biscuit from Jacob's Pickles (you should try one it’ll change your life!)  I dabble in songwriting and am passionate about run-on sentences, cats, kayaking in South Jersey, and watching Rick and Morty and Yankee baseball with my older brother.